Bell&Herrmann is a consultancy firm in the field of quality management. We have been working, for over twenty years, with small and medium sized technical companies (25 to 500 employees). We provide, in close cooperation with a company’s management, a permanent grip on the quality of their services and products. Our role ranges from (sparring) partner to trainer. From asking positively critical questions to finding practical solutions together with your organization. Always result oriented. We ensure a permanent attention to quality – through learning from mistakes, securing successful practices, listening to customers and preventing waste. Step by step, your organization will grow stronger and more flexible, resulting in an optimal balance between taking risks and controlling them, always keeping in mind the interests of all your stakeholders.

Quality is a prerequisite voor continuance. That is our conviction.


Did you know that nine times out of ten faults are caused by a lack of clearness within the organization? Grip on quality begins with drawing up and adhering to clear and workable agreements. The basis is formed by being absolutely clear about who is responsible for what. This also means a structural attention to two questions: as an organization, do we still do the right things, and do we do these things well enough? Input from your various stakeholders provides you with a strong footing upon which you can make informed choices. In a very goal-oriented way, with a clear aim, improvement and change trajectories are guided by Bell&Herrmann. In close cooperation with those directly involved, practical solutions are implemented for which organization-wide support is guaranteed. Bell&Herrmann also offer various practice-based trainings.


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